Relationship Issues

Disagreements and conflict feature in most relationships whether they be parent/child, lovers, married or living-together couples, boss or work colleagues.  The strength and sustainability of our relationships depend on how we manage conflict.

We each have our own perspective on people and events.  Two people could be at the same event and each will leave with a different perspective and interpretation of that event.  Sometimes tensions in relationships arise as we see our view of events and believe that it is the same for them too- we forget they have their own perspective. We can also get into a “blame game” and say things to create a reaction.

How counselling may help

Looking at things from someone else’s perspective may help grow our relationships.  Of course communication is important too as a way of sharing our perspectives and letting the other person know how we feel.  Communicating so that you are both heard and understood may not be happening and counselling may help to facilitate that in a fair and equal environment. We can look at different ways of communicating so you have skills to use outside of counselling.

Counselling may also help in other aspects of relationship difficulties by allowing you the time and space to talk and enabling you to find your own answers through identifying your own inner resources.

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