Chronic & Long Term Health Conditions

Many long term health conditions such as M.E., M.S., Lupus and Hughes Syndrome and many others affect our sense of who we are, what we can do physically, and our positions and roles within the family, work and socially.  Due to the unpredictability of your condition it may be hard to make future plans, or you may have had to give up work or other previously fulfilling activities.  We may feel that we no longer know who we are, we may feel depressed, hopeless, helpless and useless.  Very often we may feel alone, lonely and isolated with intense fear and anxiety.

Pain is a common feature in many different conditions, as well as being a condition in its own right. I have worked as a nurse in acute and chronic pain management within the NHS and also live with chronic pain. I am not working as a nurse now.  Our world can often become quite small when living with a long term health condition.

How counselling helps

Counselling helps by providing an safe and secure environment for you to talk about how your condition has impacted on your life.  Through this you can identify areas of change and together we can identify strategies to help you manage your condition in a more fulfilling way to help you broaden your world.  I am uniquely placed to help with your pain management through exploring with you your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around your pain and the impact it has on your life. We can also look at ways to improve your activity levels which may help to reduce your pain working within NICE guidelines. This may take place in individual sessions or if appropriate in small groups.

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