Bereavement, loss and grief is not limited to the death of a loved one, although that is generally what we associate with bereavement and loss. Similar feelings experienced following the death of a loved one may also be associated with other significant losses such as separation, divorce and relationship breakdowns, loss of role or function through ill health, chronic pain or other changes in circumstances. Miscarriage, abortion or infertility may also involve the many feelings around loss and grief. The death or separation of a pet may also generate very strong feelings of loss and grief.


How counselling helps

Counselling can help by allowing you to explore these feelings and the meanings attached to that which is lost or is expected to be lost. Through these explorations your own inner resources may be utilized to enable you move forward in your grief, not to forget what you have lost but to feel more accepting of its passing and in their remembrance. Grief is a process of personal change which may feel chaotic and overwhelming and some people feel the need for the support of someone outside of their inner circle of friends and family to listen, understand and accept what they are saying without judgement.

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