Are you putting off doing things until certain things are in place? Kim a Wrexham Counsellor explores.

I have noticed in my work that we often we put off doing things, “oh I won’t do that until I can do this” sort of thinking.  It is often like saying “I will only go the gym when I am a size 8”.  The size 8 goal is most likely unrealistic or undesirable for most of us; and going to the gym now would help you towards your goal of being healthier.  So why do we put off tasks until we feel we are in a “better” place?  We are afraid of moving outside of our comfort zone and waiting for the “right” time keeps us firmly within our comfort zone…nothing changes.  We also  set goals which are often not realistic or achievable as part of this strategy, which just serve to reinforce negative thoughts about ourselves.  Try doing a little bit of that task today rather than promise yourself a whole day tomorrow, and split big tasks into chunks which you can achieve-to grow your confidence and challenge yourself gently outside of your comfort zone.

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