Anxiety and fear can limit your life, Kim a Wrexham counsellor, looks at how we can free ourselves from fear.

Anxiety and fear limit your life.  For example if you feel anxious in social situations you may avoid such social gatherings.  In doing so you may grow more anxious about more things concerned with going out and stop going shopping or stop leaving the house altogether.    Your world becomes smaller.  We cannot stop feeling anxiety or fear, however we can still lead a rich life with it.  The fear and anxiety arise from our thoughts of a projected future.  These thoughts are not facts and it is your choice whether to believe them or not.  You can feel the anxiety/fear and still do the thing that scares you.  Yes it takes courage that first step, and eventually the anxiety and fear, when challenged, will lessen.  To help you anxiously move forward practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing.  And remember that Kim can help you to manage your anxiety and fear, she is just a phone call away!

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