What is Counselling?

Hello and welcome

Thank you for taking the time to find out a little about me; how I work, and the kinds of difficulties I work with. Life has its ups and downs as it ebbs and flows.

Usually, we can manage these challenges, but sometimes, we need the support and the listening ear of someone outside of our difficulties, separate from our family and friends. I am based on the Cheshire/North Wales border, just outside Wrexham and I can help you either face to face or online so please do get in touch if you:

… Perhaps want to feel better in some way…
… Are ready to know and understand yourself better…
… Feel that it is the right time to make changes…
… Perhaps are suffering from a continuing health condition and want to be living more optimally…


I have been where you are now, recognising on some level that I needed to gain more control and understanding within the chaos of stress, anxiety, depression and persistent bodily pain.

I too have felt stuck and bogged down by trauma and grief; immobilised by persistent pain and chronic fatigue. I have been gripped by a loss of self-confidence, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts. I have experienced long term health conditions, mental health issues, anxiety and much more. You can find out more about my story here.

Your mental and physical health is important and choosing the right practitioner and approach is vital. The range of services and practices I offer have worked for me and I KNOW they can work for you too!


Bespoke pain management

I have turned the lives around of former clients who were depressed and anxious living with persistent pain. From our pain management sessions, they have been able to re-engage with life and even begin new careers.


Former counselling clients who were experiencing anxiety and depression felt more empowered having learned more about their conditions and felt able to make more helpful choices and changes in their lives.

I am privileged to have been able to help many people suffering from a variety of concerns and mental health difficulties through the transformational power of counselling/coaching – either at one of my consulting rooms in Farndon, near Chester or Wrexham, or online.

Mindfulness and Meditation is mind-training that literally changes the structure and function of your brain. If you want to improve your concentration, grow a happier brain, sleep better or lower your blood pressure, Mindfulness and Meditation offers you this and much, much more.

The Breathe, Move and Meditate Group is a great way to get started or to maintain your practice. For a more formal grounding in Mindfulness and Meditation why not consider one of the Breathworks 8 week courses? These courses have a proven track record and are highly respected by employers and organisations.

Compassionate Yoga by Kim has introduced former clients to the beauty and accessibility of yoga through bespoke, individually curated sequences and sessions. For various reasons, individuals may not wish to attend a group class making these private one-to-one sessions ideal for when you feel you need more attention for a particular health need/concern and I have successfully helped former clients to start and modify their personal yoga practice in helpful ways.

Personal empathy

I remember the dark days of the beginning of my low back pain. I felt scared to participate in specific activities, I had panic attacks trying to get active and rehabilitate, I was convinced I would end up in a wheelchair and be living with my parents because my husband and son had left me.

You can overcome these obstacles too.

I know that being heard, believed and understood is incredibly powerful and healing. Together, we can uncover your inner resources and help you move forward.

I believe that knowledge is power and I am committed to helping you understand yourself, your nervous system and your brain/mind, no matter what your mental and physical health concerns - whether they include persistent pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, anger or stress.

With a successful career in Nursing and Pain Management, I am now a highly qualified and experienced Counsellor, Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and certified Yoga instructor. As an expert in health and wellness, I am ready to help you break free from what is holding you back so you can live a more vibrant life. What do you have to lose? Please contact me today.


Thank you to Andrew Price of View Finder Pictures for images of Kim and clientele.

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